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Hackers Are Exploiting Microsoft PowerPoint to Hijack Computers

Hackers are exploiting a security flaw in Microsoft Office by using PowerPoint to attack Windows users and gain control of computer systems. Microsoft, in a security advisory on its website, says there have been “limited, targeted attacks” against users through Microsoft PowerPoint. An attacker who successfully exploits the security flaw could gain complete control of the system. With that…

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Microsoft Office 365 Now Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage

Microsoft’s cloud-based Office platform just got a big upgrade: The company announced on Monday that Office 365 subscribers will soon have unlimited storage on OneDrive at no additional cost. OneDrive works much like Google Drive, allowing you to access content on all of your devices, plus share it and collaborate on documents. Unlike traditional Microsoft…

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SEO in Boston, MA

Professional SEO Services in Boston, MA Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla tincidunt sapien tincidunt, euismod risus sit amet, hendrerit velit. Praesent eleifend ligula ac arcu iaculis gravida. Integer sed tellus ligula. Phasellus eu velit neque. We Focus on Your Success Ut tristique dui nisl. Nunc vitae arcu sollicitudin, laoreet ipsum vel,…

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