Known for its revolutionary email marketing solution on its early stages, but now email is just one of their many products. Constant Contact is a great choice for a full marketing suite for small businesses.

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Email Marketing is Just One Product

Constant Contact has been around for quite sometime now, and it was originally created to help small business owners keep a great communication flow between their businesses and their customers. With over 1000 employees, Constant Contact always had a start-up feel and over the years, their product kept growing and growing and so its technology. Today Constant Contact is even bigger, and email marketing is just one of many products they provide to local business owners.

Working at Constant Contact

Local businesses always attracted me. Perhaps because of my own design and freelancing projects, my interest was always to help business owners in some way. I was brought in as a Senior Visual Designer specifically to help in their product/application. The projects grew and I was soon responsible for the look and feel for its main email editor, contacts CRM, branding style guide and product vision. Along side with an amazing team of engineers, developers and interaction designers, we were able to continue moving forward with an amazing product and one that functions well.


Visual Design, Web Design, Iconography and Branding.