Either you’re searching for a specific creative take on a certain project, or you simply want to bounce some ideas back and forth, I’m pretty open.

Every project is different and unique and I get asked quite often about my work flow or simply “what’s your hourly rate” or “how much do you charge for this or that type of project?”. For this reason I began doing some research for an ideal solution or answer that could potentially shine a light and help businesses or individuals with their inquiries.

Understanding Pricing

Pricing a project can be complicated at times. At the same time, it can also be really simple due to the fact that each project requires a different kind of approach. A logo design for example, involves research as “branding” is a very important subject. It is ultimately what will represent your product o service, it should also convey the right message to the right audience. A logo can cost anywhere between $500 to $2500 as it will depend on many different factors such as scheduling, urgency, revisions, research, illustrations, sketches, brand style-guide documents and the list goes on. On the other hand it can simply involve doing an illustration to help you communicate your idea further.

With this in mind, you might be looking for a quick solution and hiring me by the hour could make more sense, or if you have a more complex task that can demand more time and effort, perhaps you will need to hire me for some days to complete it and hiring me by the project could be more helpful. So here is how my price works:

Keeping it Simple – Hourly Projects

There are many different projects that are not necessarily time consuming but it still demands the same quality and attention. On a case by case basis, setting an hourly rate makes more sense to some clients and this helps them manage efforts, as well as where I should allocate my energy and creativity.

Project Specific Pricing

Many times, the project in hands will demand more time, perhaps a couple of months. Projects that fall in this category can be more economical from a client’s perspective, but can leave room for many iterations and unknowns. Please contact me with your project and I’ll make sure to communicate what the best ideal approach is. Some projects will have a certain “known” outcome such as: website, brochure, 5 screens here or there, because of this, pricing it on a per project basis makes more sense. Contact me about your project and we can discuss it further.

Weekly or Monthly Contracts

In the past I have had clients ask me about working on a project or multiple projects for a certain period of time – It’s all about YOUR immediate needs so I love to keep this window pretty open. This approach can very well work out nicely and many clients have found to be very affordable. If you have multiple things you want me to work on weekly or monthly, this is perfect. We work together on a specific monthly rate and we work on anything and everything we set hours for. This has been a great help for many companies and clients as it reduces their cost but it keeps the work going with a reliable creative resource at their disposal. Contact me if this is something you’re looking for.

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