I’m passionate about an intuitive user experience because the user is ultimately the one who is the target. My focus is on what you need and not on what I can provide.


By researching users within the guidelines of their environment, and collecting important information about the user to create a well-informed view of the visual experience. My in-depth product research grows insights and brings light additional strategies. This ensures ease of use of the design, and reduces the need for expensive re-work before an investment is made in development. Ultimately, my method enables me to innovate empathetically and remain focused on the user.


I’m able to plan with my clients the most effective path to get to market. Primarily I look beyond the boundaries of thinking in terms of features and functions and launch into considering the real holistic needs of the people who will use the product. I employ a combination of strategy tools that can vary according to specific project and client needs. The result is a meaningful user experience strategy for our clients, success metrics, deliverables, and long-term governance.


I create digital experiences for any platform that reflect your brand, vision, and end-user needs. Taking the Research and Strategy findings, I begin the iterative design process. Through a variety of collaborative techniques I spark not only the creation of individual screens but also generate a consistent and reusable design language as I progress through interaction and visual design. Throughout all of this, I keep the user at the center of every decision. This allows the synthesis of ideas to encapsulate the entire user experience, beyond a single isolated product interaction, and keep it as a set of actions, perceptions, feelings, and emotions that begins the moment a user wakes up to the moment they go to sleep at night.