Hey there, I'm Dell, nice to meet you.

I’m a full-stack Lead Product Designer with 20+ years of experience, super passionate about user stories and building meaningful, delightful and engaging experiences.

Behind The Screen

You can call me Dell.

My story is pretty simple, actually.

I was born in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) and moved to United States back in 1999 with my family. Since I was a very young boy, I was drawn to anything related to art. I remember way back when I was five years old, I’d watch cartoons and movies and as soon as I finished watching, I’d go to my drawing pad and began recreating all those characters with ease.

Well, this love for art led me into cartooning, making caricatures of my friends and family and later digital illustration. It all soon evolved into graphic design, and soon after that, I was introduced by my college professor to complex and realistic vector illustrations and I loved it!

Well, this opened many doors to improving my technical skills and opportunities that began showing up. I learned the art of branding, logo creation and iconography. The world of websites and website designs was only at its beginning stages back in the early 2000s, so soon after I graduated from Katherine Gibbs College of Boston, I had to jump in the wagon to learn coding to launching my first website in two weeks.

This is where my “user experience obsession” came into play.

I’d spend hours, days, weeks and months, trying to figure out “why users did A or B” and what the best solution for “problem C” was. I was immediately hooked and my product designer journey just evolved from this point forward.

I’ve had the opportunity to be part of some major projects in the past 20+ years in this industry, building beautiful and impactful experiences to both early stage startups as well as large corporations, all with one mission in mind – whichever project and task I get involved with, I’m here to: learn from my peers, collaborate with the team and solve for the user.

What's Happening Now?

I’m a Lead Product Designer at Bill.com where I focus my attention to bill entry, user growth, onboarding experiences and user retention strategies on multiple product verticals, all that while collaborating with the Design System team.

In addition to leading product design projects, I truly enjoy seeing the evolution and being part of my peers’s growth journey. Over the years, I’ve been invited to share my experience with different teams and mentor other junior / senior designers in the process and this is also something I really enjoy doing.

When Not Designing

When I’m not solving for the user, you can find me dedicating my life to my faith, wife, our three beautiful children, photographing, singing, playing drums, making art on my iPad Pro, occasionally building furniture for the house, playing tennis, volley, soccer, swimming and cooking a mean Brazilian style BBQ.

If you have any questions or have a project in mind, shoot me an email.

Other Skills

Product Design Leader
User Experience
Visual Design
Design Systems
Branding Strategy
Email Marketing
UX / Brand Style Guide
Social Media Marketing
SEO Strategy

Other Links:

Photography Portfolio
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