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Web-based login experience for a basic math program (For K-5 students). This login experience should clearly and easily identify the company making the product available.


It should also feature: (Normal state, Error state, Success state)


• We cannot assume that the students are familiar with traditional inputs.

• We can assume that their fine-motor skills are not fully developed, making a process that
relies overly on correct sequential keyboard input or on pixel-perfect cursor placement,
inhibitors to successful progression.

• We cannot assume that the students are native English speakers

• We can assume that students have access to mobile phones and tablets.

• Bandwidth and firewall restrictions in many poorer schools/districts will limit the size of the payload we want to send.

Additional Notes

• This process might also need to work in an internationalized context (e.g. RTL).

• There is no existing style guide.

• Should we allow educators to “parachute in” to help students who are stuck in the

• Logo/mark of the company.