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Fundbase is the Best Source of Alternative Returns. Globally. For investors it’s about discovery, monitoring and collaboration. For managers is about listing, sharing and accelerating funds to market.


There is a great need to present a specific user experience solution for a specific targeted audience of 40-65 year old individuals. Asset management involves a great deal of data, financial reports and deep levels of filtering data through research and the use of new AI technologies. Some challenges were:

• Create both views (Card and List) for multi-use transitions.
• User Interface that is color oriented but not deviating its product purpose.
• Half of Billion in assets need to be easily sorted by custom filters.
• Difficult application to engage and interact.
• Managers found hard to sign, manage and collaborate with documents.
• Investors found difficult to build portfolios and benchmark.
• Investors needed more data options.
• Overall branding disconnect


Brought in as the head of product design to start the process of shifting the experience from a data heavy experience to a gamification methodology. Initiated with a change in brand styleguide and moved quickly into the user experience modules. Some of what was done:

• New Brand Styleguide
• Gamification Methodology
• Card View / Custom List View
• New Data Filtering System
• New Benchmarking Process
• Lighter Data Management for Investors and Managers
• On-boarding process for investors
• Document Management
• New Activities Panel
• Mobile Experience


Hedge Fund Investors, Chief of Technology, Software Engineers, and Backend Developers