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Intralinks is the one solution for mergers and acquisitions. From start to finish, we help you accelerate deal execution and reduce risk. For the seller, they drive productivity through deal preparation and due diligence. For buyers, the technology drives efficiency through strategy and targeting, sourcing and management all the way up for long-term success.


Continue to provide value for both the buyer and seller side, using latest technologies to ease the process of merging and acquisition through the main platform. As an ongoing initiative, we were always presented with challenges to help users interact and engage with this system. 

Improvement / Features:

As the Senior Product Designer my job was to translate new AI technology ideas from wireframes to a high fidelity mockups and help software engineers to translate these visual designs into functional product. Some of these features and improvements were:

• New user experience for the buyer and seller side of the application
• Better data management and organized system features
• Step-by-step onboarding wizard
• Mobile application design
• Better organize acquisition documents
• New icon designs