Pricing Restructure is the intelligent way to create and pay bills, send invoices, and get paid. brings smart AP and AR automation and new payment capabilities to your business.


Bring more transparency into our pricing page to better communicate each plan and their benefits. 

We want to drive the right set of users to the right price package and as a result, reduce drop offs and churn.

Project Role

Lead UI and UX for new pricing structure leading to sign up flow.

Direct and Advanced Users
30-55 yr Users

User Issues:
Pricing model not clear enough

Team Structure

Senior Product Manager
Director of Marketing
Content Designers
Senior Engineers

Additional Projects

Signup Flow
Guided Experience
Billing & Subscription Redesign

Bank Add
mWeb Experience
Intro to Inbox

Rethinking Sync & Email
Marketing Website (Pricing)
Design System Contribution

Starting Point

As with many “pricing” pages, also used a template / bucket model for their pricing structure. The price plans were: Essentials, Team, Corporate and Enterprise. Corporate was and is one of the price packages we want users to be on since it’s a plan that offers users AP and AR capabilities.

However, with this model it becomes much harder to explain and be transparent with what users want or need on the long run. The solution is to offer a redesign but change the structure helping our users to process a different mental model. We accomplish this by changing the initial question.

One the main issues we were facing previously was the fact that for the first 3 plans, users need to choose: AP, AR or Both. They either are looking to “Pay”, “Get Paid” or they want both solutions. With this we changed the narrative:

From: “Users need to choose from these plans.”

To: “What do our users need for their accounting software / back office solution?”

Below is the before:

New Pricing Approach

With the right mental model and user need in check I introduced a different pricing format, with a focus on their immediate need and not so much all the benefits.

At an initial glance, they will be ready to pick exactly what they need right from the start. Only then, we would know they are ready to dive into specifics of that one plan. See the new examples below:

Experience Analysis

We ran a month-long test to compare “Control” Vs. “New Pricing Page” and the results were clear. Users we much more inclined to click and read-on if they find what they are looking for. 

After we’ve addressed this issue, users were happy to continue their journey but now in a much more organized way. In addition to changing this structure, users showed more interest and trust in our product.

See the results below:

Additional Findings: In just 1.5 weeks, we saw a 74+% increase in signups and 33+% in completed signups! Great results we were also able to see for our Mid-Market users and Small Business Only.