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TripAdvisor is looking to completely revamp and update their tour and vacation experience, changing how users interact with product detail page and each of the services TripAdvisor is part of.


Get users to easily find important elements within the experience such as search, deals, tour experience, reviews, details and also push a tour to be sold much faster than what has been planned. Some of the issues found:

• Lack of prioritization with important details
• Multiple actions with similar weight and importance
• Overload of information being gathered for the user
• Multiple usage of typography styles
• Tour not engaging and experience what’s the tour is all about
• Not too sharable
• Engagement lacks authoritative credibility
• Reviews should drive more customer experience
• Lack of social media engagement
• Lack of video to drive more engagement


Brought in as a Product Design Consultant to work on one single page experience (Tour Detail Page), I was able to completely change the perception of what it means to have a “Tour Experience”. From the top deals, to social experience proof and tour reviews, this page has been rebuilt from the ground up, taking users through the online experience and driving them to making a faster decision with the presented information.