Business Profiles is the intelligent way to create and pay bills, send invoices, and get paid. brings smart AP and AR automation and new payment capabilities to your business.


Understanding user’s journey end-to-end experience from Signup all the way to Retention.

Ultimately solving for the AP and AR users.

Project Role

Lead UI and UX for all Onboarding and Retention initiatives across product.

Direct and Advanced Users
30-55 yr Users

User Issues:
Onboarding Guidance
More Retention Initiatives

Team Structure

Lead Designer + Mentoring
Senior Product Manager
Director of Product (Core)
UX Researchers
Content Designers
Engineers PM
Design System Contribution

Additional Projects

Signup Flow
Guided Experience
Billing & Subscription Redesign

Bank Add
mWeb Experience
Intro to Inbox

Rethinking Sync & Email
Marketing Website (Pricing)
Design System Contribution

Starting Point

We knew many users were getting into the product but not experiencing the fullness of what BDC provides.

Additional Projects

Workshop session is held to understand all the considerable elements in this redesign task.

Full Experience Analysis

We needed to understand the current user “pain-points” from signing up, to experiencing the product inside. Where were they dropping off? Is it the same experience from mobile compared to desktop?

Old Login Experience

Users are faced with a plethora of options to pick from while not knowing exactly what to click on at a first glance.

Sidebar Navigation
To-Do Drawer
Important Notification
Empty Dashboard
Empty Module CTAs
Download Mobile App
Search Field
Extra “Actions” to Take

Understading Data

As we dive into the data to better inform our decisions, we know users want to “experience” the product further, however they are lost and don’t know which steps to take. We introduce a list of easy tasks to better guide them.

Initial Findings: We performed a moderated and un-moderated test to find out what our users were more inclined to tackle first. We continue to know they want to experience more of the product. They finish the initial two tasks but go away before the create a bill. 

We needed to make this experience a bit more contextual to their needs, but before, we wanted to test another idea.

Additional Findings: Users continued to click-around in a non-sequential behavior and completed multiple tasks. Even though this experience is a bit more cluttered, we wanted to test another hypothesis: “If they want to do more, what if we gave them more options in a better design structure?”

This option became confusing to them. Even if all options were ranked in their own category of importance, users needed a more contextual experience.

Business Profiles is Introduced:

New Guiding Approach

We introduced a new way to guide them into a single experience, and used each step in their journey process as a stepping stone into other contextual experiences, compared to a more sequential experience.

We introduced the experience that addressed Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables users.

Impacting Results

After a good amount of tests we found a way to not only attract more users and see them consider for their accounting needs, but also that more users were completing and contextually experiencing more of the product

The results were a clear indication of progressive use of our tool but a sequence of experiences that triggered additional behavior we were not accounting for before.

Despite the “drop off” factor, each “bucket” now serves as a stepping stone into other sequential experiences.

See metrics below:

Additional Findings: In 6 months, more than 22,000 users saw the new Business Profiles page and engaged with the next sequence flow. Compared to the results we had before, 740+ users completed even more steps in our “guided  experience”, compared to only 200 users from a previous analysis.