Dell Product Designer

2019 - 2021

From lack of exposure to national growth, 64+% increased engagement and application downloads.

Complete Shift


Tresta had a continuous shift in direction for the past five years in a row. With the lack of proper exposure from marketing, email initiatives and mainly, their online application.

Tresta seem to need a complete redesign and product design strategy to not only gain more exposure locally, but also at a national level, to now being on of the top answering, lead generation tools for local businesses.


Lead UI / UX Designer

Skills + Expertise

• User Experience
• Visual Design
• User testing/research
• Design systems
• Prototyping
• Mentorship
• Leadership
• Web SEO
• Email Marketing

Team Members

Senior PM
Director of Marketing
Content Designers
DS Contribution
Call Center

What We Heard

Confusing Setup Flow

”As soon as you visit the website, I want to learn more about pricing and all my benefits but the signup is what’s most confusing, it’s just too many options to choose from…”

Not Enough Information

”Website is very white and all the feature pages don’t have enough information to explain how it will help my business. I wish there were more clarity around how you provide these services.”

Starting Point

New Signup Approach

Desktop Application

By The Numbers


New signups 12/months.


Growth in new members.


New App Engagement.


Website Interaction.

Additional Contributions

Got a Project in Mind?

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