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Hire me to speak and empower entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises on topics that matter.

Brands Served

More Than Words

Let’s combine innovative thinking with practical, delightful experiences to ensure that every session is not just informative but also transformational.

"Exceptional mentorship session. Our conversation made me able to think about UX research on another level. He is a very knowledgeable and supportive mentor and I look forward to continue learning from him."
Qianhui Hub
Qianhui Hub, Ph.D.
UX Researcher

Speaking Topics

Your 9-to-5 is only the beginning – let’s dive much deeper.

Purpose Driven Life

It’s not all about your normal 9-to-5 routine, but it’s all about living every minute with purpose.

Lead With Delight

In a landscape of countless products being created, leaders lead with storytelling and delight.

Community Matters

True ones have a mission, like-minded goals and a common purpose. Let’s build more than a brand.

Unnatural Designer

It was being unconventional, unnatural and certainly not predictable that I found inspiration to make an impact.

Lead Generation & SEO

How to build predictable businesses with powerful lead generation strategies and SEO to dominate a niche.

360º Marketing

Every strategy matters and is crucial for continuous growth, how you adapt to change will be the key factor. 

Digital Product Design

Let’s get technical and talk about making user-friendly, highly-engaging and memorable experiences.

UX Winners

They hold the key to unlock doors many thought would never open, yet they almost always serve unseen.

Marketing on a Budget

Having the right strategies when you’re starting out will make a world of difference – let’s find out together.

Unlocking Social Media

It does’t have to be complicated and exhaustive, but it has to be engaging and very personable. 

Modern Digital Tools

Having the ability to perform well require tools that help you move forward and there is no shortage of them.

Brand Positioning

It’s more than a logo design or pretty colors. It’s about the messaging, culture and communication strategy.


How Hiring Me to Speak Works

Dell is a faith and family driven mentor, product UI/UX leader,  business and marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience and on a mission of helping fellow designers, entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises do well.

Since 2009, Dell has been mentoring and speaking at conferences, events and helping businesses with powerful strategies and insights about product design, innovation and marketing to help them scale and build strong businesses with a purpose.

Types of Engagement

✔️ Conference Speaking
✔️ Motivational & Informational
✔️ Keynote Speaker + Q&A
✔️ Interview / Podcast Guest
✔️ YouTube Channel Guest 
✔️ Online / Streaming Events
✔️ Panel Discussion
✔️ and More…

Wendell Fernandes - Product Design Leader
Speaking at a conference about entrepreneurship and creative mindset.

Benefits of Hiring Dell to Speak

✔️ Expertise and Experience
✔️ Engaging and Actionable Content
✔️ Personal and Inspiration
✔️ Practical Approach
✔️ Empowerment and Growth
✔️ Flexible and Adaptable

He aims to inspire, educate, and empower through one-on-one conversations, workshops, or conferences, sharing stories rooted in personal and professional experiences, complete with both failures and victories he has encountered along the way.

Simple Approach:

Combine innovative thinking with practical, delightful experiences to ensure that every session is not just informative but also transformational. If you’re looking to inspire your community or empower business owners, I’m here to guide you.

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“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does, the better.”

Andre Gide

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