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Empower Project by Wendell Fernandes

Empower Nation


Is to eradicate poverty at scale.

As a Technology Enhanced Behavioral Health Company, it is continuously improved by our expert social workers treating thousands of patients, working to discover the cure for poverty.

Our social workers function as coaches, mentors, care coordinators, guidance counselors and much more. Each behavioral health encounter is used to update our Technology, iterate on our strategy and further improve outcomes.

Our goal is to build a replicable process which successfully guides a majority of impoverished individuals, out of poverty.


VP of Product & Design

Skills + Expertise

• Leadership
• Product Strategy
• Mentorship
• Team Training
• User Experience Direction
• Visual Design
• Field Testing
• Design Systems
• Prototyping

Team Members

Chief Technology Officer
VP of Communications
Operations Manager
Social Workers
Licensed Health Providers

Empower Project by Wendell Fernandes

The Problem

Financial Help

Financial assistance is available but $140 billion1 goes unclaimed every year.

Only 30% ...

Only 30% of those born into poverty, will reach middle-class

Approx. 28% ...

Approx. 28% of the US population earns less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (<$46k).

$1.8 Trillion...

(20% of the total federal budget) is spent by the government annually on poverty fighting programs, including 134 federal welfare programs with $744 billion spent by state and local governments.

Cycle of Poverty

Programs are available but underutilized due to:

Lack of awareness of which programs are available.​

Very complex and long application processes

Lack of knowledge on how to apply for the program

Distraction and other immediate and crucial needs.

Two Programs

Empower Outreach

Community-focused organization that connects impoverished individuals, who desire to lift themselves out of poverty, with non-profit organizations that actively run poverty fighting programs.

Our large field operations team work everyday at food pantries, shelters and other respite facilities across the entire state of Oklahoma.

Empower Outcomes

We believe that everyone can achieve success, if they have a sufficiently nurturing environment guiding them out of poverty. We provide existing clinical organizations, with a turnkey poverty reduction solution. Our programs are targeted to find and nurture individuals to success and completely guide them out of poverty.

Starting Point

Symbology & Origins

Serving as a vital means of preserving and conveying cultural heritage, spiritual beliefs, and communal identity. Symbols are deeply embedded in their art, rituals, and storytelling, representing various aspects of life, nature, and the cosmos. These symbols often carry significant spiritual meanings and are used in ceremonies to connect with ancestors and the natural world. They also serve as a form of non-verbal communication, passing down traditions, values, and history through generations, ensuring the continuity and resilience of their cultures.

Symbols and Iconography by Wendell Fernandes

Geo Location

574 Known Tribes in USA Alone

These tribes are spread across various regions and have distinct cultures, languages, and histories. Additionally, there are many other tribes that are recognized at the state level but not federally. Each of these communities contributes to the rich tapestry of Native American heritage and diversity within the country.


Other considerations may include: Sovereignty, Cultural Preservation, Economic Development, Healthcare and Education, Legal Rights and Treaties, Historical Context, Environmental Stewardship and Social Issues, just to name several important categories to consider on the logo design and brand direction.


Inital Concepts

Empower Project by Wendell Fernandes

Brand Styleguide

Empower Styleguide

Product Starting Point

Product Starting Point

First Time Workflow


Mobile Workflow

Empower Mobile Experience

How It Works

How it works

Meet Scotty Beebe

Scotty is a 56 year old male who is homeless.

He struggled to find employment, since having back surgery several years ago. Scotty also has been experiencing extensive medical issues but is determined to get back into the workforce.  social worker directed him to the Tulsa Eastgate Center for the veterans’ return to work program. 

Since being connected to our services on 3/12/24, Scotty has been encouraged to continue to attend his medical appointments to promote his overall health. He was also recently employed at the BOA center as a janitor. Scotty has expressed his utmost gratitude for our support and expressed wishes to eventually advance to Lead Custodian. 

Custodial Supervisors can earn up to  $71,000/per year. Currently, there are 63 open positions listed on LinkedIn in just Oklahoma.. He is also receiving assistance with resume building. 

By The Numbers

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